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My work Fires Were Started has been included in Songs of Revolution an anthology of poems being published by Sunday Mornings at the River. 100% of royalties will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians.

Find out more and purchase a copy HERE.


My short story Space has been selected and featured by the Poetry Lighthouse.

Read it HERE.


My work of prosody Staying Hungry has been selected and featured in issue 15 of Fleas on the Dog.

Read it HERE.


My short story Together We Are Vast was published in Fauxmoir lit mag, 2023.

Read it HERE


I've recently completed my debut novel. I will post news about any developments on this page. 

My work Zero Hours has been selected by Late Britain Zine for an anthology on the theme of working class history due out later in 2024.


Several of my short stories have been published in magazines and periodicals in the US and UK over the past couple of years. Some of which are available to read online, details below.

Expanded Disco was selected by The Abstract Elephant Magazine for publication in their March 2021 edition.

Two of my short stories were published by The Writers & Readers Magazine for Issue 12 Sep/Oct (2020) edition which is available to buy from 

The Pilot and the Timekeeper was published in Sculptorvox - A God Complex which is available to buy from 


My work was selected by Crack the Spine for The Year Anthology which is available to buy from

I have also had work featured by Horla Magazine and Panoplyzine.


New music video using the animated sequences from Living the Dream


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