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I am an artist and writer based in Bristol. 


Studied BA and MA at Liverpool John Moores University.


I became a founding member of the following creative collectives:

Contact: freespapceprojects - at -

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Recent Exhibitions, Publications and Screenings

Featured in the official selection for the following film festivals:

Bali International Film Festival

Icona Festival Corfu 

Insomnia Festival Moscow

Bizarrya Short Film Festival, Porto

Videoart Miden, Athens

My writing has been included in the following publications:

Fleas on the Dog

Songs of Revolution by Sunday Mornings at the River Press

The Poetry Lighthouse

The Year Anthology, Crack the Spine 

A God Complex, Sculptorvox

Fauxmoir Literary Magazine

The Writers and Readers’ Magazine

Horla Magazine

Panoply Literary Zine

The Abstract Elephant Magazine. 

Curated Scratch Lab 3 and the Artist Film Screening for Caraboo Projects at the Island Bristol.

Before Covid

The Wagon, Standpoint Gallery, Art Licks Weekend London (group exhibition)

BF Artist Film Festival X, the Lab F, Art Licks Weekend London (screening)

How Do You Spell A Scream? Caraboo Projects, Bristol (curator)

Out of Line, tactileBOSCH for LLAWN, Llandudno Arts Weekend (screening)

Rung 02 (publication)

Sculptorvox Vol. 3 A God Complex, Standpoint Gallery London (publication)

Songs of the Sirens, Caraboo Projects, Bristol (curator)

Fabrica, Lisbon (group exhibition)

CheapCheap, Birmingham (group exhibition)

Dwell Time (publication)

Scratch Lab 1 & 2, Caraboo Projects, Bristol (curator)

Pugnant Film Series, Athens (group exhibition)

Watching Limbo, Caraboo Projects, Bristol (curator)

Inner Space Chamber, Texas (group exhibition)

Loss & Lucidity, Santa Ana (group exhibition)

Hypogeal (publication)

Exp 01, Genesis Cinema, London (screening)

BF Artist Film Festival, Exeter Art Week (screening)

Spit That Out, HOME, Manchester (screening)

The Projection Room, the Unstitute (screening)

Shared Sight Film Festival, MATCA, Cluj Napoca (screening)

The Bomb Factory Artist Film Festival, London (screening)

Experimental Film & Video Exhibition, CICA, South Korea (screening)

Fringe Arts Bath (group exhibition)

Wellington Underground Film Festival, NZ (screening)

Water Tower Arts Fest, Sofia (group exhibition)

Paradise Now, B-Arts, Stoke-on-Trent (group exhibition)

Compromised Collaborations, Huddersfield Media Centre (curator)

The New Utopians (publication)

The Roadside Museum, Basement Arts Project, Leeds (curator)

Bakhtin as Praxis, Royal Art Academy, Stockholm (group exhibition)

Protest, Periscope, Salzburg (group exhibition)

Sites of Desire, Manifest, Stockholm Art Fair (publication)

The Roadside Museum, Venn Projects, Blackpool (curator)

Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary Art, Water Tower Arts Fest (group exhibition)

Formal Interference, Le Murate Florence Centre for Contemporary Art (group exhibition)

Construction Gallery, London (curator)

It All Started When the Days Seemed Quite Plain (publication)

Text & Context, Cambridge (group exhibition)

Cascades, Studio 180, London (group exhibition)

Dystopia (publication)

Capital Offense, Beacon Arts, LA (group exhibition)

Distrustful Space, International Arts Space Station, Mexico City (group exhibition)

PAUSE, Artside, Southend-on-Sea (group exhibition)

Economies of Resistance, WCS, Liverpool City of Radicals (curator)

Airspace Gallery, Dialogue Box, Stoke-on-Trent (group exhibition)

Away Day, POST, Wandle Park, London (group exhibition)

Sale, The Royal Standard, Liverpool (group exhibition)

Interventions; Palette-Pallet (publication)

Fear & Optimism, curated by RedWire (group exhibition)

Signs of Life: Liverpool Biennial Independents & POST London (curator)

Interchange, Mercy, Liverpool Biennial (group exhibition)

Open Spaces Open Places, Fishmarket Gallery, Northampton (group exhibition)

Space Ltd, Roscoe St, Liverpool (group exhibition)

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