John O'Hare


Official Selection ICONA 2019; Ionian Contemporary Animation Festival, Corfu (Nov 29th - Dec 1st)

I work with different media including drawing, sculpture, text and film.

Founding member of the artist collectives


Contact: freespapceprojects - at -

Skin of Things



The Wagon, Standpoint Gallery, Art Licks Weekend London // BF Artist Film Festival X, the Lab F, Art Licks Weekend London // How Do You Spell A Scream? Caraboo Projects, Bristol // Out of Line, tactileBOSCH for LLAWN, Llandudno Arts Weekend // Rung 02 (publication) // Sculptorvox Vol. 3 A God Complex, Standpoint Gallery London (publication) // Songs of the Sirens, Caraboo Projects, Bristol // Fabrica, Lisbon // CheapCheap, Birmingham // Dwell Time (publication) // Scratch Lab 1&2, Caraboo Projects, Bristol //


Pugnant Film Series, Athens // Watching Limbo, Caraboo Projects, Bristol // Inner Space Chamber, Texas // Loss & Lucidity, Santa Ana // Hypogeal (publication) // Exp 01, Genesis Cinema, London // BF Artist Film Festival, Exeter Art Week // Spit That Out, HOME, Manchester // The Projection Room, the Unstitute // Shared Sight Film Festival, MATCA, Cluj Napoca // The Bomb Factory Artist Film Festival, London // Experimental Film & Video Exhibition, CICA, South Korea // Fringe Arts Bath // Wellington Underground Film Festival, NZ // Water Tower Arts Fest, Sofia // Paradise Now, B-Arts, Stoke-on-Trent // 


Compromised Collaborations, Huddersfield Media Centre (curator) // The New Utopians (publication) // The Roadside Museum, Basement Arts Project, Leeds (curator) // Bakhtin as Praxis, Royal Art Academy, Stockholm // Protest, Periscope, Salzburg // Sites of Desire, Manifest, Stockholm Art Fair (publication) // The Roadside Museum, Venn Projects, Blackpool (curator) // Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary Art, Water Tower Arts Fest // Formal Interference, Le Murate Florence Centre for Contemporary Art // Construction Gallery, London (curator) // It All Started When the Days Seemed Quite Plain (publication) // Text & Context, Cambridge // Cascades, Studio 180, London // Dystopia (publication) // Capital Offense, Beacon Arts, LA // Distrustful Space, International Arts Space Station, Mexico City // PAUSE, Artside, Southend-on-Sea // Economies of Resistance, WCS, Liverpool City of Radicals (curator) // Airspace Gallery, Dialogue Box, Stoke-on-Trent // Away Day, POST, Wandle Park, London // Sale, The Royal Standard, Liverpool // Interventions; Palette-Pallet (publication) // Fear & Optimism, curated by RedWire // Signs of Life: Liverpool Biennial Independents & POST London (curator) // Interchange, Mercy, Liverpool Biennial // Open Spaces Open Places, Fishmarket Gallery, Northampton // Post-Grad show, Haven't You Grown, The Royal Standard, Liverpool // Space Ltd, Roscoe St, Liverpool //